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My name is Jake McKee and I’m addicted to photography.

As a design school grad and visual thinker, I adore photography. My first camera was a Fisher Price 110 and I don’t think I shot a single was worth the film it was captured on. Over the years, I continued to shoot and continued to have marginal results.

When I found out my daughter was going to be born, I had two immediate (literally, instant) thoughts:

* How am I going to afford college for her?

* I need a better camera!

A few days later, I bought a shiny new Nikon D50, and my learning took off. It wasn’t until 2010, however, that I started getting serious about truly learning photography. I started reading tons of books, took a few classes, hired a tutor for a few sessions, and started shooting as much as I could.

This site is a collection of some of my favorite photos. I hope you enjoy, and if you like what you see, feel free to contact me about buying a print! I shoot a ton of subjects, but my two main areas of focus and passion are female models and urban decay. Two very opposite ends of the spectrum!

If you’re interested in shooting with me, please contact me . I’m always looking for models to shoot with.


"I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to do a shoot with Jake during his visit to Colorado. I stumbled upon him via Instagram (got to love social media) and instantly fell in love with the way he captures his subjects. From the second I arrived I was instantly impressed, he was so outgoing and genuine and made me feel completely comfortable. We had our shoot in the mountains and it was FREEZING cold, but Jake made it so much fun and professional that I didn’t even mind the cold! Jake told me how to pose and how to do little tweaks along the way so I didn’t feel like I didn’t know what I was doing. He showed some of my pictures along the way and it was such a confidence boost for him to do that! I would 100% recommend him and I look forward to working with him again!!"

- Courtney

“Thank you! You are really professional, and it’s very easy to relax and have a fun shoot. Looking forward to shoot with you soon!”


"Jake is a great photographer with unmatched attention to detail. He is very attentive to the goals of the photoshoot and is willing to take the time needed to create an awesome result. I had a great time shooting with Jake and know that you will, too!"

- Libby

“I had a great time shooting with Jake at his beautiful home in Austin! He was professional, respectful, and easy to work with. I hope to see him again next time I’m in town :)”

– http://www.sienna-hayes.com/Sienna Hayes

“I had a fabulous time shooting with you. You were fun, professional, laid back, and creatively inspiring! I’m definitely looking forward to working with you again!”

Emma Anne

“Fun and professional!”

Leah Nobel

“I had a blast shooting with you!! Very professional and very fun to work with!! Thanks!! 🙂 totally recommend working with him!”


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