Friday, April 3, 2009

New blog

Well, here's the new blog.
The old one died a very unfortunate death. I can't go into details, but it involved a nuclear reactor, an anomaly in the custom algorithm that controls the input data of the flux capacitor, and a can of soup.
In other words, epic FAIL.

But my team of experts have been working around the clock and came up with this new one. A free blogger template.
Yeah I know, I should fire my team of experts.

I will leave this post with a photo of Ethan. This is exactly how I looked when I saw the new blog working.


Ahh! Photography said...

Dude, lets see if it works. Nice shot of a great personality!

The Ferguson Family: said...

Glad your up and running again. We missed your pictures :-)

Cassi Jane said...

I love those pictures of Ethan.

cyclochip said...

Looks nice, Jake!

Anonymous said...

Do you notice how the black and white of Ireland's face looks alot like Ethan? Ha you'd think they were related...

Favorite Great Aunt